About Best Buyer’s Broker

Why An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent:

Ira Freireich had been posing as a computer consultant for most of his life. As part of his advocacy training in the real estate field, he encountered an injustice he felt had to be righted. It was then that Ira became a knight in shining armor for first-time home buyers.

InIra Freireich - Long Island NY Exclusive Buyer Agent those days, all real estate agents represented the seller, while showing homes to prospective home buyers. This rubbed Ira the wrong way. When he began to feel more like a con-artist than a con-sultant, he changed his focus to help home buyers with the most expensive purchase they would ever make. Ira was one of the first buyer’s agents in the Long Island area. He is a Real Estate Broker and a New York State Certified Real Estate Instructor. He currently serves as Treasurer to the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents.

Ira is still an active real estate broker at Best Buyer’s Broker Realty, an Exclusive Buyer Agency and has been educating prospective home buyers for 20 years. Participants of his workshops have continuously thanked Ira, praising his efforts to enlighten consumers to the hidden dangers in home buying. Thousands of satisfied home buyers have thanked him for saving them time and money (some as much as $60,000!) as they made the proud investment in their first home. (Check out how much money we recently helped to save our clients.)

Ira lives in a grand old home in Malverne, New York, has raised four grown children and  enjoys riding horses, physical fitness and playing with his grandchildren.

Former president of the Alzheimer’s Association, Ira is an advocate for people who need answers.  He sees his job as helping people. Period.

As an Exclusive Buyer Agent (only work for buyers),
my clients are now able to:

  • View many more homes, and have a much larger selection to choose from to find their ‘perfect home’
  • Find out the good and the bad about any house, and be able to make an intelligent, informed decision
  • Ask for and receive advice that is right for them, rather what the seller wants them to know
  • Have a strong negotiator on their side, trying to get the home they like at the price they want to pay
  • And know that every action I take is for their benefit