Avoiding Regrets When Buying a Long Island NY Home

A recent survey of buyers buying a Long Island NY home indicated that a whopping 80% said there was at least one thing they regretted about the home.

Buyers buying a Long Island NY home say their biggest regret is buying a house that is too small.

The number one complaint: The home just isn't big enough, mortgage information site HSH.com found. Others complained about a lack of closet space or that the place didn't have enough bathrooms. Bad neighbors were also a problem, as was a substandard school system.

A lot of those issues could have been avoided. Of course, some factors, like bad neighbors, can't be anticipated. And some conditions change over time. Nearby property may be developed into a shopping mall or freeway, for instance.

Tips When Buying a Long Island NY Home

To keep you from buying a Long Island NY home you'll regret, follow these tips:

  • Don't give in on your core requirements. If you know that having three bathrooms is important for your happiness but the Long Island NY home you're looking at only has two, keep shopping.
  • Don't let yourself fall in love with a Long Island NY home that doesn't match your needs. Regret may not set in right away, but when it does, the fix, like adding a bathroom, might cost you a fortune.
  • Don't cave in to a partner or spouse. If you believe you will be unhappy in your new Long Island NY home, don't let your wife of husband talk you into buying it. It will only cause resentment.
  • Know your give-in points. Everyone house hunts with a wish list, but there are some items that can be compromised. Tiny kitchens might be a deal breaker if you are an avid cook but maybe you can live without a den.
  • Don't lose your edge. Once a shopper makes the decision to buy a Long Island NY home, they sometimes overlook major issues. If the home inspector finds dry rot in the joists or the appraisal comes in lower than the sale price, stand your ground: either pull out of the deal or get the seller to lower the price to reflect the cost of the repairs. Consider the advantages of having your own buyer's agent to help you in the home search process.
  • Do your research. These days, there's a ton of information available on the web that can help you in your search for a new Long Island NY home. We can help you get the stats you need on the quality of school systems, walkability and access to restaurants, as well as crime, that will help you assess whether a neighborhood or area is right for you.

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