Buying Flipped Long Island NY Houses – Don’t Get Ripped Off

Many flipped Long Island NY houses are houses that have gone through foreclosure or a short sale, have been purchased by an investor, some cosmetic repairs made, then put back on the market for unsuspecting home buyers to fall into.

If you're thinking about looking at flipped Long Island NY houses as an option to find a good deal, there are some things you need to do and look for in order not to get ripped off in the process.

Being in the business of seeing and showing a lot of homes, we can testify to the fact that a vast majority of flipped Long Island NY houses are just plain shoddy homes that have been covered with a layer of makeup. Always, always, always — get a home inspection on any home you plan to purchase, especially flipped Long Island NY houses, which tend to be more risky. The price of a home inspection is small compared to the price you might end up paying for some major home repair. Do yourself a favor, don't skip the home inspection.