Fall Maintenance for Long Island NY Home Sellers

Here we are… another fall season upon us. If you're among the Long Island NY home sellers trying to make your home stand out in the list of homes for sale, here are some tips you should consider to keep your landscaping and exterior in top shape for those prospective home buyers.

Long Island NY home sellers - here are some tips you should consider to keep your landscaping and exterior in top shape for those prospective autumn home buyers.

Things Long Island NY Home Sellers Should Do Outside Now

Patch any brown areas of grass. After a whole summer of lawn care, don't let things go down now. Consider planting rye grass to keep your lawn looking green into the winter months. Most homeowners won't do this, so this simple chore could make your yard stand out when all the others brown out.

If your summer flowers are fading or wilting after a long season, create a new welcoming experience by replacing them with fresh mums and other fall friendly colorful flowers. A pumpkin and a bale of hay can create a nice welcome look on the front steps or porch.

Draw attention to your front entryway by adding a colorful fall wreath to your door.

Mulch your garden beds. This will provide an added layer of protection for your plants as winter creeps in. Rake leaves frequently; not only does it look better, but keeping loose debris from walkways creates a safer environment for potential buyers.

Provide adequate outdoor lighting. It won't be long before the days will be considerably shorter, which means buyers will need a well-lit path to your front door. Many Long Island NY home sellers forget that prospective buyers may also drive by a house they're interested in at night to see how well lit it is.

Pressure wash the exterior of your home – including the windows. As the leaves fall from the trees, your home will become more exposed to the scrutinizing eyes of potential buyers, so make sure it's appealing from the curb.

Things Long Island NY Home Sellers Should Do Inside Now

Add weather stripping to doors and windows if needed; the time to address a cold draft or air leak is before cold weather arrives.

Check your HVAC system. Also make sure your furnace has a new filter and have the system checked out by a professional. A buyer will be asking for this to be done during a home inspection anyhow, so go ahead and get it done now. It's better for you to discover any problems before a buyer brings it to your attention.

If you have a fireplace, chances are pretty good that you haven't used it in a long time, so it's a good idea to make sure it's clean and free from cobwebs.

Clean and/or store your seasonal furniture. It's always nice to give your outdoor furniture some TLC after it's provided hours of entertainment over the summer months.

Have your underground irrigation system prepared for the winter months if you won't be using it. Now is the time to begin thinking about taking care of this issue.

Follow these few simple tips now so you can join the Long Island NY home sellers who will be attending a closing soon when your house sells.

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