Long Island NY Home Improvements: Checking Your Deck for Safety

When it comes to Long Island NY home improvements, sometimes, improvements can be as simple as checking existing items for safety and making necessary repairs to prevent someone from getting injured.

Home Improvements - Checking Your Deck for SafetyAging deck structures are on this list of things you need to check around your home. Harsh storms, high temperatures, and a lack of general routine maintenance can increase the risk of deck injury. Just keeping your deck sealed with a good deck sealant will go a long way towards preventing rot and decay of the wood and structure.

There are more than 40 million decks in the United States that are more than 20 years old or older, according to the North American Deck & Railing Association, and hundreds of reported deck accidents occur annually.

Check your deck by following these seven deck safety inspection tips from outdoor living company Archadeck:

Boards: Check deck boards for rot, softness, or major cracking.

Every Connection: Inspect every hardware connection on the deck. Look for screws and/or nails backing out, red rust, and other signs of corrosion on metal connectors that can weaken the integrity of the deck.

Structure: Look at the posts, beams, and joists that provide the structural framework of the deck. Is there any noticeable sagging between supports?

Attachments: Most deck failures occur at the attachment site to the home. Ensure that the deck is properly attached to the house with bolts (not nails) and proper flashing for water protection.

Foundation/Footings: The foundation and footings support the weight, or load, on a deck and the columns that bear on them. Look for sinking or a noticeable sag.

Exits: Check deck’s exit areas, usually stairs. Are the stair stringers, treads, and risers ok? Do the stairs require a handrail? Is there adequate lighting to safely use the exits at night?

Rails: Look at rail posts and railing sections to make sure that they aren’t loose or wobbly. All pickets/balusters should be fastened securely and spaced no more than four inches apart.

How often you need to make Long Island NY home improvements and repairs to your deck will depend a lot on the materials used to build your deck, the age of your deck, and how well you’ve maintained your deck over the years since it was built.

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