Long Island NY Home Inspection: Don’t Let It Kill The Sale

Long Island NY home buyers usually make offers to buy a home contingent on inspecting the property to their satisfaction. A Long Island NY home inspection contingency gives buyers permission to inspect the property and can give the buyers the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty, depending on how the contract is written.

For this reason, and to help sellers make accurate disclosures about their property, sellers often choose to have pre-sale inspection reports done before they put their home on the market. Minimally, they order a “wood-destroying pests and organisms” inspection (loosely referred to as a “termite” inspection) and a home inspection.

Long Island NY Home Inspection Recommendations

A Long Island NY home inspection doesn't have to kill your dealIf your Long Island NY home inspection recommends having an old roof inspected by a roofing contractor, it’s a good idea to follow through with this, and any other similar recommendation. Any pre-sale inspections should be made available to buyers to review before they make an offer.

While some sellers ask why they should pay for a pre-sale inspection when buyers are going to pay for another one of their own, it is important for the buyer to know as much as possible about the home before they even get to the point of making an offer. A seller pre-sale inspection report can give the potential buyer the confidence they need to even make an offer.

This results in an offer from educated buyers who are less likely to withdraw from the contract or renegotiate the price than they would be if they didn’t have pertinent information about the property condition before they made the offer.

Long Island NY home inspection findings can be somewhat subjective. For example, one inspector may say a window can be repaired, while the other says it needs to be replaced. One solution would be for the sellers to credit the repair cost to the buyers at closing. The buyers can decide whether to repair the window or use the credit as partial payment for a new one.

Bottom Line: Don’t let a Long Island NY home inspection kill your home sale unnecessarily.