Long Island NY Real Estate Video Tips

Below we present you with some of our video real estate tips for first time home buyers and more!

How Real Estate Agents Make Money – Real Estate Commission (0:56)

Are you wondering how real estate agents make money? Who really pays the real estate commission? Why using a Long Island NY exclusive buyer agent will help you save money on your next home purchase? Check out how much money we recently helped to save our clients here.

Pre-approval vs Pre-qualification (1:01)

What is the difference between mortgage pre-approval and mortgage pre-qualification? Why is it important to get pre-approved before beginning to look for your dream Long Island NY home?

Getting Preapproved – Mortgage Preapproval Tips – part1 (0:58)

What are the best ways to get pre-approved? If you have questions about getting pre-approved contact us or give us a call at 516-887-6901.
Getting Preapproved – Mortgage Preapproval Tips – part2 (1:10)
What you should know about and what to do next after getting pre-approved? We can answer all your questions and assist you in getting pre-approved at the best terms. Contact us or give us a call at 516-887-6901.

Stay tuned for more Long Island NY real estate video tips!