Our Clients’ Testimonials

Here’s what some of our clients said about our services:

An Aggressive Advocate on OUR Side . . .
We want to thank you one more time for your help. It was a great pleasure for us to have done business with you.
Your advice and comments were very useful and informative; the amount of information you shared with us was enormous. Any problems that arose on the way you addressed promptly and professionally.
We would also like to say we are happy Elaine [Agent] was on our side, she fought for us aggressively leaving no chance for the other party to blow up the price.

Denis & Kate

A Dynamic Speaker . . .
I learned so much from Ira’s dynamic presentation. Not only do I feel like I have the tools to avoid most traps that first-time homebuyers experience, I got the sense that I could really trust Ira to guide me on my process. Thank you!

Ann Thomas, Esq.

A Pleasant Experience . . .

I am a first time buyer and I made my first home purchase very recently with the help of Mr. Ira Freireich. I had been searching for a multi-family home for the past 6+ years and had no luck locating the right property. During those years my home purchase experience was an unpleasant one. Basically I was dealing with realtor agents who were only interested in selling a quota of homes rather than understanding a buyer’s need.With Ira it was a totally different and a very pleasant experience. He was a buyer’s broker and he looked out for my best interest at all times. For example, with every property we looked at he was ready to ask the seller the right questions where I would have failed in asking. He pinpointed out to me all the problematic areas within and outside of the property which a sellers broker would not have done. He also understood my needs, my budget and assisted me with every phase of my home purchase including post purchase needs. Those needs included providing me with several options for attorneys, home inspectors, contractors, mortgage lenders and other services from which I could choose. This saved me a lot of time and provided me with a streamlined home purchase experience.

Overall I highly recommend Mr. Ira Freireich to any first time home buyers aswell as those buyers who are frustrated with their home buying experience.

Shawn Thomas

A Valued Problem Solver . . .
As newlyweds, we searched for months and couldn’t agree on the right home. Luckily we found Ira. He quickly realized we both had a different definition of our perfect home. After just 1 hour, we were on the same page and were then able to find our perfect home in just 28 days! Thanks Ira, I wish we met you before we wasted all that time.

Mike & Danielle

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