Tips and Tools to Help You Research Buying a Home in Long Island, NY

House JigsawBest Buyer’s Broker Realty, Inc. is the only Long Island’s NY exclusive buyer agency (the only agency eligible for membership in the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents). We work only with home buyers helping them finding their dream home. We are not trying to sell them a house. We explain to you in details the difference between an exclusive buyer agent and a traditional real estate agency here.

Our goal with our website has been to make it as comprehensive and useful to home buyers as we possibly could. You will find here an abundance of useful information about QueensSuffolk and Nassau County. We also provide you with several video tips in which Ira Freireich, Long Island, NY real estate specialist, explains different aspects of home buying process. Make sure you visit our real estate blog where we regularly add articles concerning real estate market, home mortgage loan, home insurance, taxes and home ownership, home improvements tips and more.

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