Types of Sports Betting You Can Place at a Sportsbook


A sportsbook is a place where people can wager on a variety of sporting events. They also offer a number of different types of betting options for their customers, including lines, prop bets, and futures. They can also provide live betting on certain games, which is a great way to watch the game while wagering on it.

Understanding odds

Odds are a key factor in sports betting, and they determine how much money you’ll win or lose. They are based on probability and can be adjusted by the sportsbook to appeal to as many bettors as possible. They’re also designed to attract action on both sides of the matchup, so you don’t risk a large loss if you bet on the underdog.

Whether you’re looking to bet on the NFL or college football, here are some of the most common types of wagers available at sportsbooks:


The handle is the total amount of money a sportsbook accepts for a specific event. It’s usually listed on the website, or you can contact customer service to find out more about it. It’s important to know how much a particular sportsbook takes in each month, so you can choose one that will be profitable for you over time.

Live betting

Live betting is a growing trend in sports betting, as it allows bettors to bet on an individual player or team as they happen during a game. This is especially popular in baseball, where you can bet on the action between innings.

Year-end awards

Sportsbooks offer a variety of odds for year-end awards in different sports, such as the MVP and Cy Young. You can bet on these awards before they are announced, so you’ll have an advantage over other sports fans who wait until the end of the season to place their bets.


Parlays are a great way to increase your betting profits. They’re typically made up of a moneyline and a point spread bet, but you can also create a parlay with more than one bet type. You’ll have to make sure you shop around for the best lines, but they’re worth the effort if you’re a serious sports bettor.

The odds are set by a professional bookmaker, and they’re designed to generate a profit over the long term. If you’re a beginner, you might want to consult a sportsbook’s handicapper. This is a person who has years of experience in the sportsbook industry and knows how to set the odds.

In addition to the odds, a sportsbook will also charge a vig (odds-on-evens). This is a small fee that a sportsbook takes from your winnings. The vig is designed to cover their costs, and it’s generally 100% to 110% of the odds.

In May 2018, sports betting was legalized in more than 20 states, with Nevada being the only state where it had previously been illegal. Several other states are expected to follow suit soon, and they’ll be available online and in person.